Mar 08

March Madness!!!!


So, I need to catch you up on some Bulldog Madness around here!! First we will start with the men’s basketball team. Last Monday we had a home game against St. Andrews, and we won! It was a great game! We were on our feet the whole game it seemed! The guys did an outstanding job; and within, like, 20 seconds of each other, we had two dunks! How completely awesome is that!

Since they won, the next game was against Limestone in South Carolina. This is about a four-hour drive, and all of us Delta Zetas wanted to go; but we had a previous engagement, so we were stuck here! That’s okay, though, because we watched on our computers in our rooms! There were several girls on the hall with their computers on, and you could hear us screaming and yelling when the guys did well, and sighing when something bad happened.

At one point toward the end of the game, I slammed my hand down on my friend Brittany’s fingers. I felt so bad! She was okay, though, because we had just made a three pointer tying us with Limestone. We screamed and screamed as if the guys could actually hear us! When they lost, we all screamed even worse! The guys have an awesome team with amazing talent, and you hate to see a team with that much talent go down so easily. I have enjoyed watching them play all season, though.

On to the girls! Our women’s basketball team is the 2010-2011 Conference Champion! Congratulations ladies, you definitely deserve it! The ladies had a game this past Friday night, so guess where I was! In the gym cheering on the ladies! They put on a great show and won! Then they hosted Mt. Olive in our gym on Sunday afternoon.

This year the Lady Bulldogs have met with Mt. Olive three separate times, and all three times Barton has conquered the Trojans :) . I’m sure this last time was the best of all, though! They beat our arch rival in OUR gym for the championship game! I’m not sure, at the conference level, if it can get better than that!

Our ladies will be traveling to Georgia this Wednesday in order to play at the next level! If at all possible, I will be watching that game on the computer and cheering them on! Let’s hope our ladies do as great of a job there as they have shown they can do here in our hometown!

Good luck to the Lady Bulldogs and travel safely!


Candice :)