Mar 01

Join the Club, We Have Jackets

One of the biggest parts of being a student at Barton College is choosing one of the many clubs and organizations available on campus. Currently listed on the school’s website, there are 49 (I counted) clubs and organizations, from the Barton College Sign Choir (I’ve heard of talking with your hands, but singing?) to Full of Color, a club dedicated to the diversity that is the community of staff and students at Barton College. Some clubs are designed for a particular major, like the Barton College Association of Nursing Students, while others are just for fun. The best part about this network of clubs is that there is always the possibility of new clubs being created. If you and four friends want to create a club and can find a faculty sponsor, then you’re in!
With all these choices, however, you can run into trouble. One of the worst things you can do, for your school work and your sanity, is stretch yourself too thin and join too many clubs at one time. The best advice that anyone ever gave me before I started college was from a sophomore who was my orientation leader. She told me about how she had joined a ton of clubs her first semester and consequently burned herself out. “Focus on one, maybe two clubs, and stick with it,” she told me. “Otherwise, you’ll crash and burn.” As a lover of the theatre, I have gotten involved almost exclusively with the theatre department as a part of two plays so far; and I’m glad I took her advice.
As I’m typing this blog, we have entered the the production week for the 2011 spring musical, “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” and with that, along with classes every day, my job here on campus, and the unfortunately necessary things like eating and sleeping, I’m barely keeping my head above the water. Granted, most clubs aren’t as demanding in one week as putting on a play is. A club is a responsibility that you find pleasurable instead of a hassle; and with too many commitments, you are almost guaranteed to have a schedule conflict. Even if you want to do it all, you are probably going to find out rather quickly that it’s not in your best interest to join ten different clubs at one time, unless you have no need for breathing or going to the bathroom.