Feb 23

Winning the Spirit Stick!

So, here at Barton, the SGA (Student Government Association) hosts a Spirit Night where whatever organization you choose to be in can compete to win the Spirit Stick! It’s a stick that is painted white and Barton blue, and the winner each year can choose to paint something on it to show that they won! We, the Delta Zeta’s, won the Spirit Stick this year, but I want you to know what we did in order to win it!

The weekend before Spirit Night, a lot of us sisters got together and handmade t-shirts for the guys’ and girls’ games! I loved the saying that we put on our shirts: “Pink & Green loves White & Royal.” On the back of mine, I put Jaren Haley’s last name and number. He is (in my opinion) one of the best three-point shooters we have and also one of my close friends! I outlined it in black paint, and then I filled in his last name and number with silver glitter. It was absolutely adorable! Also, on the sleeves of my shirt, I put “Molly #23″ for our ladies’ guard Molly Thompson and “G-Mamm” and “#2″ for Greg Mammel, one of the guards on our men’s team! Molly is really close with all of the Delta Zeta girls, and we wanted to show her that we really support her as an athlete! Greg Mammel is from San Antonio, Texas, and he has been one of my closest friends since I was a freshman here at Barton. Greg is like my big brother, and I’ve always called him “G-Mamm.” A few other girls put names and numbers on their shirts, too.

Well, we got to the girls’ game maybe 2 minutes after the tip-off, and we started to cheer immediately. We have a few sisters that were former cheerleaders, and they remembered some of their cheers from high school. We stood up the entire time, cheered, clapped, and just had a blast! We tried to start a wave, but that was an epic fail because no one other than the students wanted to participate in the wave – lame! We had several posters that we made earlier in the week also: “Delta Zeta Loves Bulldogs,” “Let’s Go Bulldogs,” “Pink & Green Loves White & Royal.” We also had posters for the cheerleading squad!

Considering we cheered the entire time for both games, stood up the entire time and were screaming at the top of our lungs at some point, it’s safe to say that by the end of the game I had no voice, my feet were on fire, and I was completely exhausted! It was really worth it though to show the guys and the girls that we’re here to support them and to win the Spirit Stick!


Candice :)