Feb 17

The Big Switch (Part 2)

It’s February now, and here I am at Barton College, taking my second semester. I’m sitting at my desk at work, typing this up, and I still can’t believe sometimes that I’m here. I never thought that Barton could become like home to me, more of a comfort than my bedroom back in Goldsboro, with more friends than I ever had in high school. Not to say that everything is golden in Bulldog Central; but, hey, it grew like moss on my temporarily stalled-from-rolling stone of life. It was a big switch from where I thought I would be. Which reminds me, where were we? I think right at, “I had bought my ticket to Pirate Town, but I exchanged it for Bulldog Central.” Yeah, that’s a good place to start.

It started out with big news, “I got a job at Barton.” Mom was excited. It was where she wanted to be. I was happy for her. But, that would mean that she was leaving East Carolina. Not that it mattered to me whether she was there with me or not. Considering that the building that she worked in was across town from the main campus, I hadn’t really planned to see her much. The only thing that I was mildly concerned about was some of the benefits that I might have gotten (financial-wise) if she had stayed; but, hey, college was never supposed to be free, right?

Then, I got, “You have some awesome scholarship opportunities at Barton.” Well, cool. Sure, fine, I’ll go check it out. When I got the Presidential Scholarship for a renewable $6500 a year, well, that was really cool. But I was still going to ECU, right?

Sometimes you can’t fight the current of what you were meant to do. I realized why I had been so reluctant to consider Barton in the first place. I wanted to branch out and do something I had never done before, and I was afraid that Barton wasn’t a place where I could grow. But, every sign pointed to Barton, and that was something I couldn’t ignore.

The point is, for all you high school seniors out there who are now thinking about choosing a college, don’t be afraid to keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to follow the signs that seem to be pointing to one college over another. The right school may not be the school you think you are “supposed” to go to. It’s a huge choice to make, but life seems to have a funny way of telling you exactly where you need to be.