Feb 14

The Best Class for a Mad Scientist

So, I’ve always been a little bit of a mad scientist. Ever since I was little, I would mix things together, just to see what would happen. Just ask my mom. She forbade me from making any more of my “experiments” after finding a particularly pungent one in the dryer. That was when I was just a little kid, probably around five. Thirteen years later, I’m still a mad scientist; and, good for me (and probably bad for the science building), here at Barton College I can mix chemicals to my heart’s content – within reason. Well, mostly within reason.

“Just so you guys know, she basically blew up a beaker on the first day of lab last semester.” My friend Melanie thought it would be helpful to warn my lab partners of my previous “prowess” in chem lab. First of all, I’d like to point out that there were two other people who could have been watching that beaker. But, anyway, it’s probably easy to guess what my favorite class is this semester. I absolutely love my Chemistry lab. It’s not like high school. You call that chemistry? “Pour contents of beaker A into container C…” No, chemistry is about exploration, not a bunch of cookbook directions.

And, that’s that best part of chem lab for me. You are given a problem, and you have to write your own experiment to solve it. For someone like me, who has an overactive imagination, this is a perfect outlet for creative energy. Sure, it was scary the first time that I walked into class. My first thought was, “How the heck am I supposed to do this?” But, once you get used to that way of thinking, it’s golden. Also, because Barton College is small, you actually get to work with the equipment and do the procedures yourself, and even break a few test tubes along the way. That I’m actually NOT guilty of doing.

Sure, you have to have a passion for chemistry to really appreciate what I’m talking about. But, it’s just like any other class. I have a friend who is a business major, and he goes on and on about this or that, and I have no idea what the attraction is. College is about following your passion. Yeah, you’re going take some classes that aren’t appealing, but the great thing about college is that every class has the potential to be your favorite class.

Peace, gang.