Feb 20


This week I have been floating on a high from attending Love the Symphony on Monday Night. The event was held in Barton’s Wilson Gym. The committee gave me a chance to speak to the crowd about the efforts the Student Government Association is putting in for STOP Hunger Now. At each table was an envelope where donations could be placed. At the end of the night SGA members went around and collected the donations and answered questions about the organization. We collected about 34 envelopes and raised $670! The next day another $20 donation was given.  It was a pleasure to speak at the event and be a representative to answer questions.

I am currently still looking to hear from establishments around Wilson about dates for fundraisers. So far we have planned a Moe’s Night for March 2nd and April 6th from 5-9PM! Be sure to ask for your reciept to be placed in the STOP Hunger Now bucket. Thursday I visited Dick’s Hotdogs and organized some dates to work with them for the Third Annual Dick’s Hotdog Dash and Weenie Walk.  The SGA Executive Board met Thursday and finalized plans for the first Water Pong Tournament to take place on March 8th.

So far, the SGA has raised just over $1,800. I am very proud of the hard work we are putting in and hope to raise enough to surpass our goal!