Feb 24

Pink & Red Basketball Game

I think that I have mentioned before that I’m involved with a lot of different student clubs and organizations on campus. Well, one of those is the Student Bulldog Club. We are the wild and crazy Barton fans that are at every Barton game cheering on our fellow Bulldogs.

One event that we are sponsoring is the Pink & Red Basketball Game. We have teamed up with two different organizations (BreastCancer.org and Aids.org.) to raise money and awareness for the two causes. We have been selling specially designed T-shirts all this week at lunch and dinner in the dining hall. Our profits will be donated to the two organizations. This game is very special to me because I have lost two loved ones to both diseases, and I am very happy that I am doing my part to remember them and give back to anyone else that has ever lost anyone to AIDS or breast cancer.

The game turned out to be a lot of fun, and everyone had a great time. The women’s team lost, but it was a close and intense game. I think they did a great job! The men’s team won, which lifted everyone up.