Feb 11

Math, My Favorite Class? Who Knew?

So far, this semester is going great! I enjoy all of my classes, and I have some great professors. My favorite class is Race and Ethnic Relations taught by Professor Shingleton. It is a social work class, but I’m taking it because it is required for the criminal justice minor.

From the start, I knew that I was going to like the class a lot. The professor welcomed everyone on the first day with a bright and huge smile. When he gave us the course outline, it was a lot of papers; and I knew that we were going to be doing some serious work! However, when he went over the outline, it wasn’t that bad; and all of my worries went away.

The class basically covers everything about different races and ethnicity. I got a feeling that this class is going to have a lot of open discussions. I actually like classes where it is hands on and everyone can voice their opinions on various topics.

I have to admit that I actually have another favorite class that I never thought that I would like. What is that, you may ask? Math! Yes, I said it, mathematics. It’s kind of weird saying this, and it’s something that I have been getting used to. We all have our weak and strong subjects, and I previously thought math was one of my weaker areas. Growing up it was a subject that I would try to avoid. Basic math and algebra are easy for me; but when you start adding different letters, symbols, etc., it gives me brain pain!

My math professor is Mr.Davis. He is so nice and such an easy person to talk to. He is very educated in mathematics and knows what he is talking about. Not only does he know what he is talking about, he teaches in a way that makes it very easy to understand. He does it at a good pace and is always available if any student needs extra help. I have a good feeling that I will do very well in this class, and I’m going to remain optimistic about it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I will be sure to keep everyone posted on classes and everything this semester.

Best wishes :)