Jan 28

The Balancing Act

Learning to balance everything while in college is very important. It is a trait that you will soon realize that you have to grasp very quickly. The life of a college student can be very stressful at times and very easy at others, but you have to learn how to balance things and prioritize.

Don’t worry; it’s not that hard to prioritize. For example, I just finished my math homework, wrote two articles for the student newspaper, met with one of my professors, had lunch with my friend, and spent some time alone watching a movie in my dorm room. How did I do all of that without burning out? Very simple; I made a list of all of the things that I needed to do for today. I listed everything in order of importance; the list is below:

  • Finish 2 articles for the student newspaper (Due on Tuesday)
  • Complete my math homework (Due on Wednesday morning)
  • Had lunch with two of my good friends (The dining hall closes for lunch today at 2 pm; I went to lunch at 1 pm.)
  • Had a meeting with my professor at 2:30 pm (His office hours for today were from 12:45 pm – 4 pm.)

After all of that was completed, I went back to my room and watched a movie. Then I went to dinner with my friends, and I was able to hang out for the rest of the evening. Also, I had time to write this blog post for you all, too! As you can see, I did everything that I needed to do and still had time for other things, too.

It is important to me to get my highly important things taken care of first before I can have fun. If you do it the opposite way, then things may get complicated; and that can lead to stress and worries.

It is good to start practicing things like this early so that, by the time you are in college, you can move smoothly throughout the day and be stress free! :)

Best of luck!