Jan 26

Open House Party!

Wow!  I am so not ready for this semester to be starting.  I mean, I knew I wanted to get back to school to see everybody, but I just wasn’t ready for classes to start just yet.  I’m not sure what to expect regarding my classes – Will they be difficult? Will my teachers be strict graders?  Will I know anyone in my classes that I’ll be able to talk to until I get to know some other people?  With all these concerns rattling around in my head, I know I’m making myself more nervous than I need to be.

With stress and worry pretty much continuously clouding my mind, I now truly feel like a real college student; and it’s so hard to believe that I’ve only been in college for one semester.  I feel like I’ve been here forever, and it seems almost impossible that it was only a year ago that I was here at Barton for an Open House (the next one coming up on January 29, by the way).  But, nevertheless, here I am trying to get organized for my second set of classes at Barton.

Thinking back to my Open House, the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is just how excited everyone was to have potential students here.  Everyone was genuinely excited to be at work on a Saturday and greeting all of us as we arrived.  At first, I thought this may just be a front to get people interested in the school and that, as soon as you commit, then their true faces come out.  But, this was not the case at all!  The faculty and staff continued to be exceptionally friendly and helpful even once school started and they had their own responsibilities to get back to.

I also remember that the people in charge of Open House did a very good job at keeping us busy without rushing us from activity to activity.  I don’t recall having any downtime throughout the schedule; but, don’t worry, I wasn’t too worn out by the end of the day, either.  Now, we did have to sit through a session about financial information (mostly for the parents’ benefit); but then they fed us lunch, and all was well again.

I know this may seem like I’m just trying to sell the idea of Open House; but, really and truly, it was a great experience for me.  Not to mention that’s where you meet most of the people in your class anyway.  So, I guess you all are just going to have to come see for yourself what Barton is all about, just like I did.  And, I hope it’s just as great for you!

Bye for now, guys!