Jan 23

Moving Back!

Hey, y’all!

So, I have been back since January 18th.  It is now January 23rd, and my room is FINALLY organized! I can’t believe it took me that long to get everything back in its place! Well, I also had Orientation activities. We have been practicing our skit for SROW (Southern Region Orientation Workshop), which is a workshop Orientation Leaders attend to learn how to make Orientation better and more fun for new students like you!

This year, we are going to Louisiana State University, and I am so excited! Louisiana State University had better be prepared when Barton shows up! Last year, we went to Louisville, Kentucky; and the year before that, the team went to Ole Miss.  So, it is a great experience to go through! While we are there, we will meet hundreds of new people and learn so many new tricks and ideas about Orientation. The only downside? It is a 15-hour bus ride. I am NOT looking forward to that! I am not a big fan of riding for longer than 2 hours at a time, so I will be asleep for as much time as possible! Overall though, this is a great time for team bonding and building relationships.

Classes will be starting here at Barton in two days and, honestly, I am glad. I like having a schedule and being productive. Yeah, I know, most college students would never say they wanted classes to start, but classes give structure to my day and I love that! Sitting around all day and doing absolutely nothing – that I cannot handle! I think I have a decent schedule, nothing too stressful – hopefully! I can’t believe I am already a second semester junior. Time flies, and I wish I could have some of it back to relive some of my days here at Barton!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it, but I live on the Delta Zeta floor.  I’m a Delta Zeta and have a position on the Executive Board. As I said, I have been back since Tuesday. Well, the majority of my sisters are moving in today! Let me tell you, the floor is absolutely crazy! There are bags everywhere and, of course, a million hugs because we’re girls and we hug everybody! I’m just glad I got here early and am not getting distracted by my sisters from putting my room back together.  We distract each other all the time, trying to catch up and just talking! There have been many nights when there was just a group of us sitting outside in the hallway talking about absolutely nothing important but, at the same time, laughing and making memories that will continue forever. My sisters are such a huge part of my life that I have no idea how I would survive without them, and I don’t think I could!


Candice :)