Jan 08


Hey, guys!

I told you that the next time I’d write a blog I would more than likely be in Ireland. Well, hereĀ I am, writing a blog from Dublin! I have had so much fun here so far, but we are leaving Ireland tomorrow. So sad! We have been to the Killarney National Park, the Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, and so many other places! Ireland is an absolutely beautiful country!

When we went to the Blarney Castle I was allowed to kiss the Blarney Stone, which was a thrill! To get to the Blarney Stone, you have to climb up a very small spiral staircase, and you’re at a pretty good height once you get up there. Then, you lie on your back while someone holds onto you, and you lean as far back as you can so that you’re hanging off the side of the roof. Then, you grab some metal bars in front of you and kiss the Blarney Stone upside down. I was looking at the ground below me as I was leaning off the edge of this huge castle to kiss a stone. How crazy, but it was a great experience!

This city is amazing! Were staying in the heart of Dublin. The people here are awesome, and the shops are awesome! Even though I’m a country girl, I have really enjoyed being in the city. We can walk to whatever we may need and walk back! So many people here walk everywhere, several miles a day! It is a lot of fun walking down the streets and hearing everyone else talk and going into shops and learning a thing or two about the country!

So, today, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College here in Dublin. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is in the shape of a cross and is gorgeous with its Gothic architecture. I learned a lot of history about Ireland on this trip, which I surprisingly found interesting, considering history is not my strong point!

Over here we are five hours ahead of the States, so it is a little frustrating to get on Facebook and find no one online. When I’m online in the morning, its like 2 a.m. at home. I have been able to talk to my mom and dad quite a bit, but, other than that, hardly any texts, calls, or anything. It’s sad, but I have realized by not having my phone to be able to do any and everything this past week that I rely on it way more than I thought. The plus, though, is that we, as in the group, communicate a lot better, I think. When we were at lunch today, we talked about how nice it is that everyone’s phones were not on the table vibrating during our meal and that we could just sit there and have an actual conversation without a phone in our hand to check Facebook, emails, the weather, or whatever. So, here is a challenge! For two days, turn your phone off and see how much you like it! The first day, I bet you will hate it because you don’t feel connected, but after that, it is rather peaceful!


Candice :)