Jan 31

First Week Back!

We started classes back last Tuesday, and now it is Monday! I have had all of my classes except one, which I will be heading to today at 4:30. This class is only one night a week, so it lasts until 7:00. Other than that one class, I can say I am excited for my classes this semester; and I am sure after tonight I will enjoy all of my classes. I have had the professor of my Monday night class before, and I enjoy being taught by him. I have done a lot of reading already this semester, but I have a history class and I am taking an Introduction to Literature class. So, I have to read in order to participate in class!

I think it really hit me the other day that I am a second semester junior. I have taken five semesters worth of classes, and I am working on my sixth. It is funny, though, because I remember moving in and going to Orientation my freshman year! Time really does fly! I just can’t fathom the thought that this time next  year I will be in an internship and then looking for a REAL job. I am growing up. I am actually becoming an adult, and it scares me, to say the least.

So, as a Criminal Justice and Criminology major (and Political Science), I always heard that the junior year for Criminal Justice and Criminology majors is the toughest. And, well, I can understand where they are coming from. Last semester I did a lot of homework, but it helped me to use my time management skills to the best of my abilities, so this semester shouldn’t be too tough on me! I do know that I will be using time management skills a lot this semester, and I will be using the Writing Center this semester, too! I have two writing intensive classes, and I will be taking full advantage of this campus resource!

Here is a little advice from an experienced college student:

1. Always read your entire syllabus for each class!

2. Highlight and write down important due dates and test dates in a planner!

3. Use your planner!!

4. Never throw your syllabus away!

5. Plan ahead!

Those are just a few things that I do, and they really help me to know how my semester will go!  By doing this, there won’t be any surprises since you have already read the syllabus and highlighted the important parts of it.

Well you guys, I am about to go to class, so I need to get my books together and start to walk over! I hope y’all have had a great day and will continue reading! Next, I will be doing a follow up on my trip to Ireland and sharing some really helpful information on the FAFSA! So be sure to come back and keep reading!


Candice :)