Jan 28

College Essentials: Textbooks!!

I know when you think of course textbooks you may think of those huge textbooks about the size of a Harry Potter book. Well, yes, at Barton, you might have to purchase one that size. Last semester, I purchased all of my course textbooks at Barton’s bookstore. The prices for the books are very reasonable, and they always have the books that you need.

The main thing that I love about Barton’s bookstore is that everything is neat and highly organized. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in each aisle trying to search for your textbook for class. There are two wonderful ladies who work in the bookstore and are there to help you. To make it easy, they recommend that you come with your semester schedule with the course number and/or course name, and they will (in less than 2 minutes) come back with your list of textbooks. I was highly impressed by this because at my previous school, it would take at least 45 minutes – 1 hour looking for my books and then another 30 minutes waiting in line to check out. By that time, I’m ready to walk out with no books!

If you are on a budget, I would suggest buying (if possible) used textbooks from the bookstore. They are a bit cheaper than the new textbooks and will save you much needed money. Some people sell their books to each other at reasonable prices, so be on the lookout for that as well. It’s good to know a wide range of people in various majors because you never know what textbooks you may need each semester.