Jan 27

Campus Life… It’s Really Great!

So, today I figured that I would talk about living on campus, and how much I absolutely LOVE it!

I have lived on campus for almost three years now, and living on campus has been an amazing experience! A lot of people will tell you that living off campus is so much better; but you get to live on your own after college. There are so many experiences I have had due to the fact that I live on campus, and I wouldn’t have had these if I lived off campus.

So, to start off, living on campus saves you gas money. That is the obvious one, right? All the money that would be spent on gas could be spent on books or clothes, or you could save it! Not only that, if you live on campus, you can walk to class in less than ten minutes; and you don’t have to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot!

Also, living on campus keeps you open to a lot of nightly activities that CAB (Campus Activities Board) offers. Don’t get me wrong – students that live off of campus are still more than welcome to these events; but, let’s be real, once you drive home and then find out that there is an activity on campus, how likely are you to drive back? My guess is, not very likely at all. I know once I get home and settled and all comfortable, it has to be something really good to get me out of the house! We have movies in our theater on campus before they come out to Redbox or Blockbuster, and they are free! We have poets, singers, and comedians. And, let me tell you, the comedians are hilarious!

We had one guy last semester called the “Human iPod,” and he could literally play any song we requested with this machine he had. He would start playing the music and then record it and add to it. I was really impressed, but I would never be able to figure that machine out!

We also have sporting events and Greek Games on campus that students are more than welcome to attend!

I think one of the major reasons people do enjoy living on campus is the fact that it has been proven that the more involved you are on campus, the more you like your college and the better you do in school! This is extremely true. Being involved, without stretching yourself too thin, helps you to organize your time and to keep up with your responsibilities.  I know personally, if my day is really busy and packed, I get everything done on time; but if I have a long period with nothing to do, the things I could be doing will not get done until later!

Well, now, I guess you know my opinion on living on campus versus living off campus. I would highly encourage everyone to live on campus at least one time while at college!


Candice :)