Jan 19

Bring it On: Spring Semester!

We have less than a week before the spring 2011 semester begins!!!  I am so excited and ready to be back at Barton and to get things started. I think that this semester is going to be much easier than fall semester. Last semester was my first semester at Barton (I transferred from another school), and I had to get used to being at a new school. But, it wasn’t hard at all because the people at Barton are so friendly, and they welcomed me with open arms.

Now that I’m well adjusted to being at Barton, I think that things will go even more smoothly. When I get back to campus, I have to meet with my academic advisor to add one more class to my schedule. I’m also trying my best to save my money so that I can buy books for my classes. Since being on break, I have been shopping so much! My friend Kendra suggested that we both need to check into shopaholics rehab asap. :)

I will make sure to keep you all posted on this upcoming semester. It’s gonna be a great one!!!

Best wishes,