Dec 15

Planning for my trip home!

In between studying and taking exams I have also been packing, cleaning, and organizing my room. I have SO much to do before I leave tomorrow! I only live about two hours away, so it’s not a long drive, just a boring one. Over break I have a lot to do for Delta Zeta, Orientation, and my upcoming trip! This January I will be going to Ireland, Wales, England, and France on an eleven-day trip for school; and let me tell you, I am SO excited about it!

As far as Delta Zeta goes, I am 3rd Vice President of Programming, which means I am in charge of fundraising, events, and several other chair positions; so I really need to get organized with that! I also need to gather some new ideas for fundraising for our amazing sisterhood!

For Orientation, I am in charge of Student Activities; so if you decide to come here, pretty much all the games and fun activities you do will be because I helped plan them! So I will be brainstorming over break to enhance our Orientation even more than it already has been! I’ve also got to prepare for SROW (Southern Region Orientation Workshop). All schools from the southern region are invited to attend a weekend workshop to learn how to improve their orientation programs. It is A LOT of fun but extremely tiring, and this year we will be headed to Louisiana State University (Go Tigers!). It is going to be a blast!

Back to my January trip. We will be leaving January 4th, and we will be back January 14th. It is going to be a blast; but the downside is that Paris is apparently having its snowiest year this year. That would be my luck, so I’d better bundle up!

I cannot wait to see me family, though. I haven’t been home in a while except for Thanksgiving break. I have an older sister, and she is my absolute best friend in the entire world. She has  a daughter, and she is my favorite person in the world. We have a blast playing with puzzles and playing Candyland, even though she always beats me. She is two years old, so this Christmas with her is going to be so much fun because she will enjoy opening presents and playing with them more than she did last year. So be looking for another blog from me about all the presents Santa bought Ryleigh for Christmas!

I hope that all of you enjoy your break from school as much as I will and that you will still be productive at the same time!

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”  – Burton Hillis


Candice :)