Dec 23

Finally Home!

Perquimans County, here comes Candice!

So I am finally home after a rough semester! I swear this semester has flown by, but it was a tough one for me! For a Criminal Justice and Criminology major, this is always the hardest semester. Well, that’s what the past Criminal Justice and Criminology majors have told me anyway; and it seems to be true! Let’s just say I am glad to have finished my first semester of my junior year in one piece!

Well, now that I am home, I haven’t stopped going! Yesterday I worked on stuff for Delta Zeta all day trying to get my notebooks straight and prepared for the new semester to come. We have a lot of new ideas for this coming semester, and I cannot wait to see how they all work out!! I’m sure I will be talking about them in some future posts, so be looking for them!

My niece was at the house Thursday because my mom was keeping her for my sister! That little girl can wear me out! She wants to play and play and play; and just when you think you’re done playing, you’re not! We played with puzzles, read books, played with Play-Doh, and watched some movies! I never knew a two year old could completely wear you out in just a couple of hours! But I have to admit I loved every second of it and would do it every single day if I had the opportunity.

So, today, I didn’t really have much on my schedule, but it ended up being a rather productive day. I had at least 250 pages to punch holes in for a notebook, so I went to see my mom at school and used her electronic one that she has in her office and knocked that out in, like, five minutes. I ran some errands for my mom and dad and then went to the doctor. I have had the worst cough for about three weeks now. Over-the-counter medicine just wasn’t doing anything with it, so I decided to go to the doctor. They gave me some medicine, so I should be feeling better in the next few days!

Well, the next blog you will be reading from me will be after Christmas and New Year’s Day. I hope all of you out there reading have a GREAT holiday and a happy New Year!  Be safe and enjoy your time with your friends and family!


Candice :)