Dec 13

Bulldog Pride: Not Just About the Basketball

It’s not always about sports. Bulldog spirit, that is. I mean, sure, sports is a huge part of it. There is the soccer team and the golf team and the tennis team and, of course, the basketball team, and these are all very important. The cheerleaders spend hours and hours every day making sure they can properly lead the cheers for the fans, that they are appropriately perky, and that they don’t kill each other with a failed double-back hand spring. The sports teams practice for hours and hours every day making sure they don’t, well, lose. And we fans sit in the bleachers, with our funny little hats and our blue and white shirts and our painted faces and cheer our happy little hearts out in the hopes that our sheer will might, just might, push our team to victory.

Me, I’m not so much into watching sports. The only basketball game I went to I wore all black. Ok, so the sweatshirt had “Barton College” across it. Ok, so I did get up and cheer every time Barton sunk a basket in Mount Olive’s hoop. And, ok, so I yelled a good bit at the refs. But, I also left after the first half.  Lillie and watching sports go together about as well as Icarus and the sun. All I do is get hot and sweaty from being crowded in a gym with too many hot and sweaty people.

So, it’s a good thing for me that Bulldog Spirit isn’t always about sports. Just as there are so many different people that roam this campus every day, there are also many different ways that Barton’s students show their pride. The art students show theirs through art exhibits. The music students show theirs through performances. And we proud few in the drama department work our creative butts off always putting on the next show. Because cheering for other people doesn’t have to be the only expression of Bulldog Pride. Sometimes being a Bulldog is just being yourself.