Nov 24

Time to Kick Back & Relax!!

I am sooooo happy to be back home for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays other than Christmas and my birthday – haha!! I love it because everyone in my entire family comes to my aunt’s house to honor the holiday and to catch up with one another. And you know what else – FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that I have one of the best families in the world. I know at times we argue or disagree on certain things, but I’m so grateful for them and love each and everyone of them.

I’m also happy to be back at home and to eat my mother’s delicious, southern-style breakfast every morning and to be able to sleep in my own bed. I’m trying to relax and enjoy my break because, once school is back in session, final exams!! It seems like this semester has gone by so fast. It will be Christmas break before you know it.

I have to make this a quick post before my mother notices that I’m not in the kitchen anymore. I’m supposed to be helping her prep for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but instead I’m snacking on the oatmeal cookies that she just baked. Now, I know why my nickname growing up was Cookie Monster – hehe!! I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving break!!