Nov 29

Thanksgiving Break!

It’s about time, right?  The one day when it is acceptable to forget about counting calories, when you don’t have to choose between pie and cake, and when at the end of the day you get that wonderful feeling of being so full you are on the verge of exploding.  This wonderful day is none other than Thanksgiving.  While the food is what first comes to mind for most people, almost every single student is thinking solely about the time off from school.  And I’m sure this break was long awaited and greatly needed for them; at least I know it was for me.

My entire break consisted of hanging out and catching up with friends and family.  Thanksgiving Day was spent at my grandparent’s house spending time with family I never get to see.  All of the adults were occupied with my 5-month-old cousin while I was outside playing hide-and-seek with my 5-year-old cousin.  The next day, my parents and I went bowling and had a blast just hanging out together.  The other days were reserved for numerous friends I hadn’t seen in weeks.  I had forgotten how little there was to do in my home town, New Bern, North Carolina; but I was quickly reminded of how my friends and I passed the time.  Before I knew it, they were all over at my house piled on the couch with a stack of movies to watch over the course of our break.

This is the time of year that people always think about what they are thankful for; and for me that includes my family, friends, the fact that I’m healthy and able to go to college, and, of course, the big, ol’ TV sitting in my dorm room.  But this is also the time when people start to look ahead to the holiday season.  I’ve always said you can tell it’s Christmas time when you can listen to the radio for an hour and a half straight and hear nothing but Christmas music.  I especially felt the spirit of the holidays when my parents and I picked out and decorated our Christmas tree.  There’s nothing like the smell of sap and the sight of ornaments to get you in the mood to drink egg nog and sing Christmas carols.

Although it sounds like I did nothing but hang out and have fun over break, I did find time to catch up and actually finish some assignments that are due pretty soon.  I think that’s the biggest lesson college has taught me so far – how to balance school work with social life.  I’ve begun to realize how important it is to set up a work schedule for myself to get everything done on time and not to procrastinate.  After all, that is what breaks are all about, right?  Catching up on schoolwork.  Ha! I’m just kidding.  They’re about relaxing and enjoying your free time.  So to everyone out there, I hope you had an amazing break and a happy Thanksgiving!