Nov 18

Dreams and Decisions

When I think about when I first started applying to colleges, one word comes to mind…


I was a spontaneous seventeen-year-old aspiring to become the next top American fashion designer. I was so ready to leave my home and attend college all the way in sunny California.

Yes, I will admit that I was in a huge fantasy bubble, and nobody could burst my bubble. I wanted to dance the night away with the top, hottest celebrities and sit in the front rows of the trendiest fashion shows in Milan, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Who says a girl can’t dream, right?…

I will be totally honest.  I applied to colleges and universities from California all the way to upstate New York. I applied to every school that had a fashion design program without caring if it was in the middle of nowhere.  I was determined to keep my dream alive!  To make a long – and I do mean, LONG – story short, I eventually decided on Barton College – even though Barton didn’t offer a fashion design program!

After talking things over with my mother, I wanted to do what was best for me and what was more realistic. I’m not saying that becoming a fashion designer isn’t realistic; it is.  But I think I was too caught up in the fantasy side of planning for the future.  I needed to focus more on what type of school I wanted to attend, the location, campus/enrollment size, financial aid, campus life, academic majors & minors, etc.  It’s great to dream, but you have to keep your feet on the ground, too!

Quick tip! – When applying to colleges and universities, make a list of the things you want from a school. Do you want to attend a large school? Do you want smaller class sizes? What kinds of clubs & organizations does a school offer? Doing this will help you be better prepared when choosing a college, and it will also make the application process less stressful!!

Best of luck!