Nov 30

Bulldog FEVER!!!

So, tonight is the big game! Mount Olive College, our rival, ventures to the Doghouse, where they will meet their biggest fears, our men’s and women’s basketball teams! Just because we are a smaller school, that doesn’t mean we don’t support our Bulldogs!  When we do it, we do it big! So go big, or go home! Well tonight, Barton College is going BIG!! Tonight in the Doghouse, I can promise you there will not be a seat left!

Since I had class during the girls game, I asked a few of my friends about their game.  Apparently their game was basket for basket and shot for shot, so the crowd could not have asked for a better start to our girls’ season!  The girls won by 9, and they have begun to build a great base for the coming season.

Not only did the girls’ basketball team do well, so did the Barton College Cheerleaders!  Since I have been at Barton (fall of 2008), I have seen a HUGE improvement in the Barton College Cheerleading Squad!  Several of my friends and a couple of my sorority sisters are members of the cheerleading squad, and they work like crazy to perfect their performances! They are doing harder stunts, faster dance moves, and more cheers during the games.

When I got to the Doghouse after class, I had to stand in line for a few minutes because so many people were trying to get in.  Thankfully, my sorority sisters had saved me a seat! At the guys’ game, the sports fans DID NOT sit down! I stood the entire game and had no voice when I left. My hands were so red from clapping.  Mt. Olive students were on the other side of the gym yelling and screaming, but they will never be as loud as we are. I can promise you that! The men’s basketball team played great. They started off a little sloppy, but they picked it up when needed. Just like the girls’ game, it was shot for shot, basket for basket.  Neither team, Barton or Mt. Olive, could get ahead by any substantial amount.

The last two minutes of the game: we’re down; not good. I’m biting my fingernails (bad habit) and screaming at the top of my lungs with hardly any voice left. We pull through and tie the game 66-66! Great, we have a good chance at winning.

One of our guys fouls – WHY NOW!!!! He fouls, and Mt. Olive is now up 68-66.

We get the ball back and head down court. A hasty pass and now we’ve got a turnover. Just great! Mt. Olive scores again. It’s going to be tough to get back now with less than a minute left!

Each side is going crazy!  Around here we’re not just fair-weather fans; we support our Bulldogs no matter what!

Game over – Mt. Olive 71, Barton 66. We just lost to our biggest rival.

You know what, though? When we go to their house, we’re gonna bring the crowd and take it from them there!

Oh, the bitter sweetness of rivalry!


Candice :)