Nov 17

A Name and a Face, Not Just a Number

When I was a junior in high school, I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to go to college – Western Carolina University.  Well, obviously I didn’t end up there, and here’s why.

I found Barton College in a random way.  I was in Wilson at the Imagination Station for a speech competition for a local scholarship.  My family and I came down a little early since we had never been through Wilson, and to pass the time we walked onto Barton’s campus and started to look around.

While here we were greeted by an admissions counselor, and they asked how our day was going.  We responded and then went on to tell them what we were doing on campus.  On the spot we were given a quick tour, which I must say is rather impressive.  How many other schools would have dropped everything and given a tour to a prospective student without an appointment?  I was extremely impressed with the fact that they did this for me and my family. I saw immediately that coming to Barton College would be a better fit for me than Western Carolina University.

During our quick tour, I saw that Barton holds the community close to their heart, and they pride themselves on being a community, not just a school with faculty, students, and staff.  I loved that I would not be just a number at Barton.

I also loved the layout of the campus.  The campus is beautiful, and finding your way around is really simple after you have walked around it once or twice.

So after my impromptu visit, we walked to the Admissions Office where I was given a folder that included a pamphlet about Barton, an application, and scholarship opportunities available to incoming freshman. At this point I still had a couple of conflicts.  I did love Western Carolina University, but I come from a really small town.  So Barton was just a better fit for me.

I applied to Barton and, within a week of applying, my admissions counselor called me and told me of all the scholarships I would be awarded from Barton.  I had not been awarded nearly as much scholarship money from Western Carolina as I had from Barton.

Not only did I receive more scholarships from Barton, but my admissions counselor called on a weekly basis to see how I was doing and to remind me of what I needed to send in and just to see how the remainder of my high school career was.  I couldn’t remember one time that Western Carolina had called me or tried to contact me in any way other than an e-mail or a letter, and that simply put them out of the race.  I felt that I would just be another number at Western Carolina, but at Barton I would be a name – a first name and a face to match!

Since then I have enjoyed every minute at Barton College.  When you walk across campus, you will always see a familiar face.  Professors know students on a first name basis and recognize their students outside of class.  How often would you see that at a larger school?  Barton College is a community, not a place where you go throughout your day in a set routine with professors just lecturing to you; it is an interactive campus where staff and professors actually care about you and your success!


Candice :)