Nov 18

A Canoe, a Camera, and Chilly November

Probably one of the biggest advantages of going to a small college is the relationships you form with your professors, the staff, and, of course, the other students.  You get to work with some pretty influential people at the school, and that can lead to some awesome experiences.  For example, I work in the Public Relations and Publications department, and one day I was asked to take a little field trip to participate in a mini photo shoot for a Barton commercial.  I didn’t have to do anything major, but it was still new and different to me.  So, a fellow student worker, the photographer, and I all piled into a car and drove to the site for our pictures.

We arrived at Lake Wilson with canoes strapped to the back of the car. – Oh, did I mention the pictures were going to be of us canoeing?  In November?! – The commercial was illustrating a class experience that another student had written about.  Her piece was used as the narration, and another student provided the voice over.  Barton likes to involve it’s students, which is one of the reasons it is such a great place.  We finished fairly early and were able to just relax on the water and roam around for a while.  Overall, despite the fact that the water was actually freezing, it was a very fun afternoon.  Once we returned to school, we viewed the photos; and I have to admit that, despite the poor sunlight, I thought they were very good.


Just the idea that I could be in a real life advertisement for Barton College is pretty cool, and this kind of thing happens often around here.  Since Barton is a smaller school, a lot of people you know will be asked to pose for advertisements as well.  I just love looking at a brochure or a catalog and recognizing the people I see in them.  This experience was totally and completely random but also one of the best days I’ve had here.  It’s just one example of how anything can happen here.

So, all I have to say is when you all decide to come to Barton College, expect the unexpected, and be prepared for the best time of your life!